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Package net.sf.jasperreports.governors

Provides support for report governors.

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Package net.sf.jasperreports.governors Description

Provides support for report governors.

Report Governors

Report governors are just a breed of global scriptlets that enable us to tackle the problem of infinite loops that sometimes occur during the report generation.

It is known that certain invalid report templates could cause the reporting engine to enter an infinite loop at runtime, while trying to generate the reports. Such invalid report templates cannot be detected at design time, because most of the time the conditions for entering the infinite loops depend on the actual data that is fed into the engine at runtime.

There are many reasons for a report to be invalid and cause such infinite loops, but regardless of the actual cause, infinite loops occur when the reporting engine tries to layout a page in the generated report and the content of this current page overflows onto another page. On the second page where the content has overflown, some of the elements from the previous page need to appear again (either because they represent a page header or the user has specifically indicated that they should appear again by setting their isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true"). Because of these elements appearing again on the new page, conditions are met again for the page to overflow to another new page. And so the engine has entered an infinite loop trying to layout new pages in the generated document and hoping that everything will fit nicely. Unfortunately it does not fit and there is no way for the program itself to realize it has entered an infinite loop.

We cannot anticipate that certain report templates will cause the engine to enter an infinite loop, and while within an infinite loop, there is no way for the program to know it is trapped in such a loop.

And here's where report governors become handy, because they can help deciding whether a certain report has entered an infinite loop and they can stop it, preventing resource exhaustion for the machine that runs the report.

JasperReports is shipped with two simple report governors that would stop a report execution based on a specified maximum number of pages or a specified timeout interval.

The MaxPagesGovernor is a global scriptlet that is looking for two configuration properties to decide if it applies or not to the report currently being run:

The TimeoutGovernor is also a global scriptlet that is looking for the following two configuration properties to decide if it applies or not:
The properties for both governors can be set globally, in the file, or at report level, as custom report properties. This is useful because different reports can have different estimated size or timeout limits and also because you might want turn on the governors for all reports, while turning it off for some, or vice-versa.

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